We're delighted Lynette Bolton has come on board as our Salvonista Ambassador. A regular fashion commentator on Channel 7 and radio presenter on Nova, Lynette knows all about using Salvos Stores to look good and also do good at the same time.

She says 'Re-using and recycling clothes means we can look unique through affordable fashion and also help the environment and community. Being a Salvonista is not only about how you look on the outside but how you feel on the inside as well'.

As wife of Sydney Swan, Jude Bolton, Lynette is familiar with being in the spotlight herself after starring in WAG Nation. A successful businesswoman and recent mum, Lynette devotes her spare time to supporting charities including breast cancer awareness, animal protection and now Salvonista.

Celebrity Salvonistas

Lynette is not the only well-known fashionista choosing to make being a Salvonista part of their life and their wardrobe.

Melissa Hoyer

'I love fashion, and have always loved mixing the old with the new, as well as morphing designer brands with High Street store finds, always to create a unique individual look.

The Salvos Stores Salvonista campaign is a very clever initiative, encouraging budget conscious, but fashion savvy, consumers to discover affordable fashion, while helping the community and the environment. Salvos Stores are a treasure trove of great recycled pieces for your wardrobe, so with a campaign like this, there is no reason you'll ever be locked up by the Style Squad.'

Liberty & Somer Watson

'Somer and I used to trawl through Salvos Stores as teenagers, cutting up and re-creating second hand pieces, making them new. Now, working in fashion we have incredible wardrobes but there are only so many clothes you can wear, so every 6 months I try to donate some to the Salvos. It's great to know someone else will enjoy the clothes too. The Salvation Army are such an incredible asset to the community, we will do all we can to support them'.

Glynis Traill-Nash

'I've always loved mixing vintage fashion with current pieces for a more unique look. The idea of giving new life to pre-loved clothes, and passing on pieces of my own to new homes is great. By being a Salvonista you can find something great for your wardrobe while also helping those in need.'

Didier Cohen

'By shopping at Salvos Stores you can find quality recycled clothing and accessories while supporting the community and environment at the same time. The Salvonista campaign is a great way to remind people that you don't always need to buy expensive clothes, while also giving back.'

Luke Jacobs

'Some of the hottest outfits I've seen have come from a creative imagination and confidence to put it all together. One piece might be outdated on its own, but mixed with another it can be a hot new look. Donating your own clothes can make new fashion and help raise money at the same time. Plus everyone loves a Salvos Store shopping spree!'


'Thank God for the Salvos. When I started in journalism as a crime reporter the Salvos brought us hot milo on murder hunts - I've been devoted to them ever since. Each season I take garbage bags full of clothes and even some of my fabulous shoes to donate to Salvos Stores. I like to think of a young girl playing dress ups in one of my sparkly frocks.'